Flexible non-insulated copper wires are designed for the application in electric plants and devices.

Copper wire rod ( billet for drawing) is designed for manufacture of electric wires for cables, leads, cords.

MG copper, flexible (stranded twisted wire); MGE copper, flexible, for electric furnace (stranded twisted wire, with the central core of chopped glass fiber or of cable thread impregnated with anti-putrid solution).
TSh 64-05755737-132:2007

Copper wire rod is manufactured by method of continuous molding and rolling of copper on the “ South Wire “ (USA) processing line. Chemical composition of copper conforms to the requirements of: Standard of Russia GOST 859-2001 (grade not lower I1), Standard of Great Britain BS 6926-1988 (grade C101). EII copper wire rod, round, refined, made by method of continuous molding and rolling does not require the further.
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Wires of copper and copper alloys are designed for application in overhead contact line to transfer power to electric transport.
Power cables with copper and aluminum conductors with cross-linked polyethylene insulation.
GOST 2584-86
Grades and structures of contact wires: MF copper shaped. NlOl 0,04F - copper, tin alloyed, shaped. Grade IF contact wires are manufactured of wire rod made by melting of copper cathodes ( GOST 546-2001) by continuous molding and rolling method with the subsequent drawing.
APvVng; APvBVng; APvVng-LS;
TSh 64-05755737-136:2008

Power cables with copper and aluminum conductors with cross-linked polyethylene insulation on the voltage of 6;10;15;20;35 kV, are used for transmission of electrical energy in stationary installation with rated frequency 50 Hz and for grounded and isolated neutral system.
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Non-insulated copper and aluminum wires are designed for power transmission in the network of overhead lines.Signal and blockage cables are designed for electrical facility of railway signaling system.
М; A; AS
GOST 839-80

CGrades and structures of non-insulated wires: I - copper stranded twisted wire. A - aluminium stranded twisted wire. AN - steel-aluminium twisted wire.
GOST 6436-75,
GOST R 51312-99

CBPu cable for signalling and blockage systems, with polyethylene insulation in heavy polyethylene sheath. Conductor single soft copper wire (ASTM B3). Insulation - polyethylene (ASTMD 1248). Wrapping stripe of polyethylene terephthalate film (or polyamide film, or polyethylene, or polyvinylchloride elastron). Screen - (if it is available in cable structure) tape of aluminium foil or metallized paper. Sheath - (heavy) light-stabilized polyethylene.
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Symmetric single-quad high-frequency communication cable with polyethylene insulation.City telephone cables with polyethylene insulation in plastic sheath.
TSh 64-05755737-131:2007

Symmetric single-quad high-frequency communication cable with polyethylene insulation and sheath is designed for interstation communication lines of rural telephone network on multiplexing by digital systems with transmission rate up to 2048 Kbit/s and voltage up to 350 V of direct current. Cable is applied for laying in telephone ductwork, pipes, in blocks, on bridges (on absence of mechanical effect onto the cable),in soils without floating and which are not subjected to frozen deformation, in conditions of absence of electromagnet effect, in non-infected by rodents areas.
TPP, TPPep, TPPBbShp, TPPepBbShp
TSh 64-05755737-125:2005

City telephone cables with polyethylene insulation in plastic sheath are designed for application in local telephone lines with nominal alternating current up to 315 and 200 V accordingly. Unarmoured cables are applied for laying in telephone ductwork, in collectors, in shafts, along walls of the buildings and for suspension on aerial telephone lines.
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Single-quad High-Frequency Communication Cable With Polyethylene Insulation.Telephone and radio communication one-pair cables.
TU 16-505.233-96

Single- quad high- frequency communication cable with polyethylene insulation in sheath of light-stabilized polyethylene is designed for application in zone communication lines multiplexed by multi-channel system at the range up to 250 Hz. (transmit of distant power supply of up to 690V voltage of alternating current is effected on cable cores).
TSh 64-05755737-128:2013

Telephone and radio communication one-pair cables are designed for fixed laying and exploitation in electric circuits of voltage up to 380 V of alternating current with the frequency up to 10 kHz. Cable is applied for laying in ground, in telephone ductwork, collectors, along the walls of the buildings on absence of mechanical effect onto the cable (the suspension on aerial telephone lines is admissible but in areas that are not subject to strong ice-slick and winds).
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Control cables with plastic insulation.Power cables with plastic insulation.
GOST 1508-78

Control cables with aluminum or copper cores with plastic insulation in polyvinylchloride sheath, with protection cover or without ones are designed for fixed connection to the electric devices, units, connection terminals of electricity distribution plants with voltage up to 600 V of alternate current up to 100 Hz or up to 1000 V of direct current. Cables are applied for laying in buildings, canals, tunnels and when there is no mechanical effect on cable.
GOST 16442-80

Power cables with copper cores, with plastic insulation, in plastic sheath are designed for electric power transmission and distribution in stationary installations to the lines of 1 kV AC voltage, 50Hz frequency.
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Power and control cables, fireproof.Power cables with impregnated paper insulation.
AVVGng, AVBbShvng, AKVVGng, AKVVGEng, AKVBbShvng, VVGng, VBbShvng, KVVGng, KVVGEng, KVBbShvng
TSh 64-05755737-146:2009

Power and control cables with copper and aluminum cores, with plastic insulation with low fire risk, in plastic sheath with low fire risk, are made for nuclear power plants and for national economy sector.
ASB, ASBG, ASShv, SB, SBG, Sshv, AAShv.
GOST 18410-73

Power cable with copper and aliminum core with impregnated paper insulation, impregnated with viscous composition, in lead or aluminum sheath with oversheath or without it is designed for electric power transmission and distribution in stationary installations, electric lines of 1 kV, 6kV and 10kV AC voltage, 50Hz frequency. It is laid in the ground (trenches) with low and medium corrosiveness, in shaft without risk on gas and dust, if cable during the exploitation is not the subject of tension, in buildings( tunnels), channels, collectors, in industrial buildings, on the overpasses and bridges in the absence of risk of mechanical damages.
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Flexible power cables FOR VOLTAGE OF 6 KV.Flexible power cables FOR VOLTAGE OF 660 V, flexible hose power cables FOR VOLTAGE OF 1000V.
ТU 16.К73-02-88

Flexible power cables are designed for connection of excavators and other mobile mechanisms and electrical installations to electrical lines with insulated midpoint wire on nominal voltage of AC of main cores up to 6 kV, auxiliary core 380 V, under nominal frequency 50 Hz.
KG; KG-HL TU 16.К73-05-93
TSh 64-05755737-129:2007

Flexible power cables are designed for connection of mobile mechanisms to electrical lines of nominal AC voltage of 660 V of frequency up to 400 Hz or DC nominal voltage 1000 V Flexible hollow cables are designed for laying in tunels or connection to the electrical lines of AC voltage 1000 V, frequency 50 Hz or DC voltage 1300 V .
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Cables for rolling stocks of railway transport and trolleybuses on the voltage of 600-4000 V.Geophysical Carrying cables.
TU 16-705.077-79

Cables are designed to used in indoor and outdoor connections of rolling stocks of railway transport and trolleybuses. PPSRVM type of cables are used for installations in limited movements, connecting to mobile current collectors and fixed installations under the influence of lubricating oil and diesel fuel. Operating temperature range- from – 50°C to +60°C
KG1; KG3; KG7
TSh 64-05755737-134:2008

Geophysical carrying cables are designed for geophysical research, springing and shot firing in boreholes drilled for oil, gas, ore, coal and other minerals, on the working voltage of 660 V of alternating current.
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Cable with polyethylene insulation for Submersible pumps.Radio-frequency cable.
TU 16-505.129-82

Cables with polyethylene insulation for submersible pumps are designed for electric supply of submersible electric motors with voltage of 3300 V of alternating current (at the depth up to 1800 m, in the environment of borehole liquid, at the hydrostatic pressure up to 25 Mpa).
GOST 11326.8-79

Radio-frequency cables are for individual receiving TV aerials, communication backbone and cable TV.
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Adjusting Wires For Water-immersible electro-motors.Coils Wires For Submersible Motors.
TU 16-705.077-79

Adjusting wires for water-immersible electro-motors are used for adjusting to electricity supply networks with voltage 380 V, 660 V AC frequency 50 Hz of water- immersible electro-motors, which are used for long-term work in water of artesian wells.
TSh 64-05755737-124:2005

Coils wire is designed for production of stator coils of submersible water-filled motors long-operating in artesian wells, for voltage of 660V of alternating current.
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Multicore flexible suspension cables correspondSignal-power wires.
GOST 16092-78

Multicore flexible suspension cables are designed for application in lifting units (installed inside the buildings) under the voltage up to 380 V of alternating current at frequency up to 60 Hz or under the voltage up to 380 V of direct current.
ТSh 64-05755737-126:2006

Signal-power wires are being used for geophysical researches on ground surface in field conditions under the temperature of the environment -50...+50 оС with allowable short -term Heating of it in summer period up to +80 оС. Cables are used for connecting of seismographs with seismic station for voltage up to 10 V DC.
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Wires with Polyvinylchloride insulation for electric installations.Wires for domestic use (Single-core).
GOST 6323 - 79

Wires with polyvinylchloride insulation are designed for electric installations on stationary laying in lighting network and power mains, and for installation of electric equipment, machinery and mechanisms on nominal alternating voltage up to 450 V (for networks up to 450/750 V), frequency up to 400 Hz or direct voltage up to 1000 V. Conditions of wires application: Grades APV, PV1 for installation of electric mains, for laying in steel pipes, in hollow canals of building structures, on trays; Grade PV3 for installation of electric mains sectors where wires flexures are possible.
TSh 64-05755737-116:2003

Household usage wires are designed to be used in carrying out the maintance, assembling and exploitation of elestrical network lines (telephone and broadcasting lines). Application condition: PMs- for erecting works in radioequipments PBMG, PUN, APUN- for fixed laying in ligting network.
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Wires for residential use (twin-core wires)Wires and connective cords For the voltage up to 450 V.
Wires for residential use(twin-core)are being used for carrying out of repairing, assembling and maintenance of electricity network for voltage of 250V, lines of service and distribution networks(both telephone and broadcasting) and lines of communication for voltage of 60V.
GOST 7399-97

Connective wires and cords in plastic insulation with copper cores are used for connection of the electric machines and home electric appliances with voltage up to 380 V AC .
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Jumper office wire of PKSV grade.Wire for industrial blasting of vp grade.
TSh 64-05755737-120:2004

Jumper office wire is designed for non-stationary connections in crosses of telephone exchange on dc voltage up to 120 V.
GOST 6285-74

Wire is designed for industrial blasting. Wires with lead diameter of 0,5 mm are applied as outputs for igniters; with diameter of 0,7 and 0,8 mm for main lines.
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Seismic multicore cable.Lan cables. High-frequency cables for structured cable systems.
TSh 64-05755737-117:2003

Seismic multicore cable with polyethylene insulation, in polyvinylchloride sheath is designed for carrying out seismic survey in field conditions under the temperature from minus 40 till plus 600N. The highest working alternating voltage is up to 145 V or direct voltage 200 V.
TSh 64-05755737-153:2009

High –frequency cables for structured cable systems are designed to be used in local area networks for operation in the frequency range up to 100 MHz.
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