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Category: Cable


Its activity background had began since 1941, when on the basis of evacuated cable factory Elektrokabel from Kalchugino city, Vladimirskiy region, in the short period of time production lines were assembled and all the assortment which was produced in Kolchugina, was restored .
Just then, first echelons of Elektrokabel factory arrived to Tashkent and on the basis of it Tashkentkabel factory was established.

During the post-war period factory traversed considerable path in its development, transformed into universal cable factory which was capable to produce wide range of products, by providing full technological cycle - from production of copper rod to the complex cables such as power and different type and modification of control cables, logging cables, indoor and outdoor telephone cables, signal blocking cables, hollow cables, various type of wires and cords, etc.

Nowadays, factory produces copper rod, which is indispensable for almost all cable manufacturing enterprises to produce current conducting cores of the most type of
cables. Its production was launched in the roll line of “Southwire” company, in 1994 in exchange for obsolete roll line and it makes possible to produce the rod meeting the world standard. Part of the products is exported foreign countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Turkey and others.

For the first time in the Central Asian region was launched the production line of:
• Power cables with insulation of cross-linked polyethylene
• Self bearing insulated wires

JV OJSC “Uzkabel” is the only manufacturer in the Central Asian region of logging and power cables with impregnated paper insulation up to 10 kV.

In 1995, enterprise was reformed into public corporation; from 2005 it has been functioning as joint venture with major foreign investor.

At the expense of received investments, enterprise significantly renovated most of the equipments, there was installed and assembled drawing, wire stranding,
insulating machines, and production facilities were modernized.

In unused areas there were launched new production lines of varnish-paint products (enamel, varnish, water-dispersion paints), dry mixes, polyurethane construction
foam, sealants, adhesives, corrugated paper products, plastic packaging products, office and home furniture.